It’s all about the MONEY

I had to wait for permission to write this post about just how much money the so called queen of the troll gang gave to Christopher John Hobby and his late partner Robert James Lee, now I ask you, would a troll do this? the answer is NO.  The lady is question helps lots of people both financially and in other ways.  In this case of Hobby/Manalien Lee/Morey she was simply being used as a cash cow!! Which really makes me sick to the stomach. One of the charges was not fraud but of obtaining money under false pretences, namely they had no money to eat or feed their pets. Yet this charge was thrown out by the police as the lady gave this money voluntary and from her good heart and having the need to help others worse off than herself.

Also when JS went to meet them at their home she gave them a further £500 in cash, she also sent them gifts of chocolate and lots of different dutch cheeses.


Just after this email exchange JS found out from Warren that the money had been paid back Robert’s and Chris’s bank account? in my eye this is pure fraud, but then again I am not a solicitor. 

JS also gave them the codes to go and get software which she had paid for to use on their computer!!!!

She even paid to have their Imac repaired and upgraded!

She is ever so giving and they just keep asking for more and more, she keeps giving

There is a lot more evidence, but I am sure you all have the real picture now, this kind lady feels like she was used and abused all over again.  She felt the same as when she was raped as a child, do they care? No of course not. All they want to do is blacken her name.  I really do hope that Debbie Bacon is reading this, I know her son in law Dan is, as is her own daughter Becky.  

Here under a just a few photo’s of the work that JS does in Asia, she adopted a whole village after they were hit by massive floods.  I am proud to call her my friend and yes, I shall stand by her through hell and fire if I have to.