Christopher John Hobby blames everybody for the death of his partner

I find this typical of the Alien, once again he has decided to blame the ambulance service for the sudden death of his partner.  He will never accept that he is the main reason that his partner had this massive heart attack.

The Alien is still attacking Mark Williams-Thomas, something he has been doing for a very long time, he denies it, but I think we have proved that here for the full 100%. I have ask, what would be the point of suing someone who doesn’t have anything? someone that couldn’t even afford a solicitor, it would be just throwing money down the toilet.

Then we have these posts of his on his new stalking ground Facebook

first of all Alien, there is absolutely nothing illegal about printing things already in the public domain, secondly the police will not listen to you anymore, like your MP and others, who have all found out who is the real abuser here.

For your information your brothers facebook page was down

You should become a comedian, nothing will overturn your conviction, you were guilty, Cracknell knows it, the court know it as do the police know it! have you forgotten this?



he police know it.

Christopher John Hobby taking on the ‘BIG BOYS’ now

One has to pity the Alien he will do anything for a little bit of attention, remember that negative attention is still attention.  I really do hope that both Simon Cowell and Mark Williams-Thomas take the necessary steps to stop this idiot.  All this has been sent onto Inspector Baxter (your welcome)

Christopher John Hobby has taken his BILE over to Facebook

I thought it was far too good to be true that just maybe the Alien had decided to stop spreading his bile, well that was until I saw he had taken his Bile over to Facebook  placing comments on his brother Alberts Facebook page, who seems to have now deleted his page! and also on the page of Royden James Jones, aka the OUTLAW 


This post has also been passed onto This Morning this is slander Mark Williams-Thomas, has not been banned from twitter, you are looking from a suspended account on accounts that have blocked you, this is what you will see go on now take a look at the accounts you say have been banned!






Paranoid to the point of extreme paranoia

In a post yesterday I thanked a person called Dawn for emailing me, this sent Christopher John Hobby into Total Meltdown! he was so sure it was another Dawn !


these are just a handful of the umpteen tweets he made about her, wrong Dawn chummy!! I shall give you a hint, you attacked her with your other accomplice Jones from one of your DVSO accounts because she dared to speak up for another person you were trolling.

my advice to you Christopher Manalien as you are now calling yourself is



A gang of super trolls or a group of victims of the same stalker?

If anyone is to believe the rantings of Christopher John Hobby aka Kris Manalien that there is a gang of super trolls that are out to get him, they should be reading this site for the evidence that shows otherwise.

This particular group of victims have one thing in common, they have all been and are continuing to be stalked and mentally abused by Christopher John Hobby. They have joined forces to support each other and where ever necessary supply statements to the police or courts.

Through this website we hope to warn others and prevent Hobby creating more victims. These people are not trolls they are all fighting for the same thing, they want to live their lives in peace, without fear of being perpetually stalked online by this very dangerous convicted stalker. How many blogs Christopher is responsible for is anyone’s guess,  it is certainly up in the 100’s.  Thank you Dawn for your email, I shall certainly keep in touch with you, believe me, you are not the only one whose children have been attacked by this person and, until he is stopped they will most certainly wont be the last.


The Alien is just Gagging for Attention


It can’t be much fun being on twitter and not have anyone answering your tweets, or paying any attention to you at all, so just this time I shall give you some well needed attention.

First of all what sort of person would write a note to one of his followers whose account is locked, but then, instead of sending it via DM  posted said note on twitter? well there is only one totally deluded nutter on twitter who practises this sort of attention seeking behaviour aka Christopher John Hobby or Kris Manalien, or as I call him the Alien.

I see that the Alien is keeping up his attacks on Mark Williams-Thomas a well known investigative journalist whom the Alien has been attacking/abusing for a few years using many aliases, oh I do hope that Inspector Baxter will be investigating those tweets sent by various DVSO twitter handles mentioned on other posts on the site.

Even his own MP Conor Burns has obviously had enough abuse from the Alien that any emails from him go straight to spam, does that bother the Alien? of course it doesn’t he continues to add him to his pathetic tweets.*%40conorburns_mp&src=typd*%40conorburns_mp&src=typd




The Twitter Troll is desperately trying to keep his sinking pirate ship afloat, complete with shipmates Debbie & Mike, that’s Mike the bent solicitor and his gullible wife Debbie! These are the ONLY two (deluded) friends the Twitter Troll has.


It has come to light how a certain VERY close ex friend of the Troll read my blog and saw the evidential 1998 Malicious Communications Police record, something that this friend knew NOTHING about, because the Troll NEVER made him aware of it, then why would he, as if he had then this friend would not have funded him for 7 years! But hey, happy days, he now knows the truth and has dropped the Troll, he is also now willing to make a full Statement to Police in support of all the existing victims of the Troll. He is also looking forwards to the latest malicious video about him being published. I do love KARMA!

It also transpires that the Twitter Trolls partner took all the rap for all the mischief the Troll has been committing since 2011, and apparently wanted OUT of the relationship! The poor gullible sod even admitted too things to the Police that he never even did!

It may now be time to go find Mals’s mud hut!



Christopher John Hobby aka Kris Man ALIEN attacking others 24/7 – UPDATED

He never stops, I would like to know just how many people he is accusing of abusing him? That would be everyone that does not agree with the things he does, or the things he says.

Maybe you can point out where this Mr Bone says he was an usher in Cardiff Crown Court, or where he claims to be a Samaritan. I put it to you Mr Alien, that this is how you read his tweets, nobody else does, only you. You see what you want to see, not what is written.

Another threat issued by yourself against Mr Gerald Coulter a very sucessful business man from Hertfordshire on your other twitter account @ManalienMoreyAM which you ceased to use after posting this. This was posted 3 days ago, both Coulter, his solicitors and ourselves are waiting with baited breath for this documentary to be aired.  

I have been informed that Mr Coulter has written a statement in support of your other victims, saying, that you are responsible for certain posts about them, also that you continually asked him for money, Mr Coulter withdrew all his support both financial and otherwise after your partner admitted to him that he had admitted guilt of publishing your abuse on several blogs and videos. Yes Alien, you are solely responsible for the untimely death of your partner.  Since Mr Coulter stopped supporting you, he has automatically become another target of yours.  In my opinion this will be the beginning of the end of your continual abuse against others. 

Perhaps the Alien would care to show Debbie where I or others have said that Coulter is a wealthy man, I said he was a successful business man. 

By the way Alien, I have now listened to the phone call with Coulter, there are a few surprises ahead for you. 





According to the aliens logic, he is accusing someone of being guilty by association, well then that is certainly a turn up for the books, as he claims he helped Gerry Coulter with the making of video’s and documentaries where one can clearly hear Christopher’s voice.  He also gave Gerry all his manipulated evidence to keep ‘safe’ for him. Guilty by Association

If that’s not enough we, of course, have thousands of tweets made by the DVSO which are clearly made by the Alien


Enough said over this