Wrexham man convicted for vile Bryn Estyn care home blog post

Just in case Jones decides to report this site for showing a private photo, as he says himself if it’s out there use it.  Well this is “out there” along with a lot of other incriminating evidence


A man has been convicted of a malicious communication charge after he posted vile and derogatory comments about another man on a blog.

The blog concerned the former Bryn Estyn children’s home in Wrexham , which has been at the centre of an abuse inquiry.

Defendant Royden Jones, 53, of Third Avenue in Llay near Wrexham, denied that on April 20 last year that he wrote a blog which was grossly offensive, or of an indecent, obscene, or menacing nature.

Flintshire magistrates ‘ court at Mold heard how Jones – who was allowed to sit with a community psychiatric nurse in court – and the complainant, had been “embroiled in a complex dispute for a number of years”.

The prosecution said that the blog contained grossly offensive and sickening comments of a derogatory nature about the complainant and his family.

It was posted last April and the police were called in.

An investigation showed that the blog had been created using an IP address at the defendant’s home

In a statement read to the court, the complainant told how he discovered the blog via a link to Twitter.

He told how he had been receiving online abuse since 2013 but last year’s blog posting was particularly upsetting because inappropriate and unjustified comments had been made about his family.

The author knew a lot about him and his background, the complainant said, and clearly had a grudge against him.

Jones in interview denied that he was responsible for the blog.

He accepted that the IP address and other internet details were registered to his address.

The defendant said that he knew of the blog, had accessed it a dozen times but said that he had only shared it privately and not publicly.

Jones was not called to give evidence but it was submitted on his behalf that the bench could not be sure it was him who had posted the offending material.

He had fully co-operated with the police, he did not know who created the post but it was not him, the defence argued.

Magistrates said that they found the case proved and Jones was bailed to appear at Wrexham for sentence on Wednesday.

This newspaper article can be found here

What do Royden James Jones aka Outlaw and Christopher John Hobby have in common?

Something everybody is asking themselves, what do these two people have in common?

The most important thing that binds them is HATE, they both hate anyone who has made a success of their lives. Both spend an enormous amount of energy playing the victim, when it is themselves who are creating enemies everyday, they are both ABUSERS, who will look for anyone to use to help them on their path (which both have chosen) to ruin the lives of others.  Yesterday a person tweeted the truth about Christopher John Hobby aka Kris Manalien

Unfortunately you cannot help people like Christopher or Royden, you can only pity them and cut them out of your life completely


Do you remember this Jones, the blog which you said you did not write, that you had no knowledge of its existence?   The one you were found guilty of writing in a court of law, maybe that rings a bell or two for you. Well as you know there were other people mentioned on that blog, including the person who had the blog and all its contents removed from the web by the police in Luxembourg, why you may ask because she was there attending a conference and it was spotted by someone who informed her of its presence.   I remember quite clearly the following day you were tweeting about it all day long, wondering why it had gone. Well, now you know why.   At the beginning of all of this I gave you the option to delete everything concerning my friend who lives in Holland, you refused.

Can you be charged for the same dirty deed twice? yes, you can, as this was one of the complaints the lady in question put to the NWP, they did nothing, as you well know. Well, the lady waited very patiently and put in a complaint to the IPCC and what do you know, all the complaints were looked at and they found the case presented to them proven.  Several police officers were reprimanded, all of this I have in writing.

You surely remember this little blog, not one word of it is true, all made up by yourself and libelous information which was given to you by your new found friend/enemy Christopher John Hobby, how do we know this? well, I told JS that if she wants to find out who she can trust, she should make sure she tells each and every one of them a simple lie, if it is repeated by anyone, she would know where it came from, and what do we have here?  Yes, you got it, she told Christopher John Hobby that Adeybob was, in fact, her cousin, which we all know to be a load of codswallop, but he believed her and even went on to tell the police, yourself and many others this lie.  I love the bit about her answering an advert 20 years ago, did you know that she has been living in the Netherlands for 42 years, that 2 of her children were born there? All of this can be proved, so that makes the whole of your blog about her malicious and totally without merit.  How are you going to get out of this one Jones?  now to answer a couple of questions raised on your blog by yourself and a couple of your dirty socks.

Yes, Jones, something has happened, the court case last week involving your friend Christopher John Hobby was proven to be all lies, in other words, HE LOST.

The police are now going ahead with the blog which I have mentioned here.  So expect a knock on your door very soon, then try explaining to the lovely Helen or Jane Russell as she is known to many that you did turn down my request, which, could have seen an end to all of this, but like Christopher John Hobby, you would prefer to hear it from a judge, like the last time when you were advised to remove so many blogs. All of which have been cloned along with all the comments.



I received an email today from the lad that came to visit me yesterday, with an attached email from ‘Bone’ he is determined to bring all this online hatred to a halt. So, because of that lad and all the other innocent children being pulled into this, I want to put a proposal to you.

You want this blog deleted in its entirety, in return for this, you will delete all the contents of your site, you can start it up again with posts that are not about any of the people who have been involved in any of this.

From this date onwards no further blogs will be written by yourself or any friend or family member of yours, about anyone involved in this online war, nor will comments be accepted from anyone that mentions anybody involved in this, on anything you may post in the future.  See this as a new start for you and your family.

When you have made an announcement on your site of its closure and it has been deleted I shall remove everything here, putting a similar statement on this blog.

You will also delete your Facebook account as many of your blogs are promoted on it.

There is nothing stopping you opening a ‘normal’ Facebook account, but you will refrain from using it to attack others, especially those involved in this online war.

You must decide what is more important to you, the lies on many of your blogs and in the comments, or your family. (not a threat) your own words you sent to this bone character “I just want this all to end”  anyone who knows you, knows your web blog is your life, even if the most of it is plagiarized. I also gather you have completely no idea who Jane is, you have never spoken with her or met her, yet she is the one with the biggest foul mouth on your site.  I take that this is the answer to my proposal? I hope before you send it to those that need to see it, that you showed it to Hellen first.  You promised a lad you would delete all the comments regarding him and his family away from your site, well you did not keep your word on that either. So you want to keep this up? the ball is in your court now.

More than 1000 hits in just 2 days on this, JJ is a busy bee, he loves seeing his name on the www. He and his mates sending comments, unlike the fool himself, I refuse to post them, so stop trying.  I will not be goaded, I put an honest proposition to Jones, he refused and saw it as a threat, well he does turn people’s words around and changes his mind like the weather.

My offer is still there Jones, all your blogs (about my friend in Holland) go, plus all the comments on them, then and only then will I delete this blog.  Your choice, what is more important to you? well, we all know the answer to that now.

Your mate Christopher Hobby @christo28112195 is showing all your emails sent to him by yourself, so we all know what comes next, you will show all the emails he sent to you. Tit for Tat they call that, children in a playground, except this is about so called grown ups with children of their own who are all victims of their parent’s actions.  The lot of you need your fucking heads banging together.