Christopher John Hobby has taken his BILE over to Facebook

I thought it was far too good to be true that just maybe the Alien had decided to stop spreading his bile, well that was until I saw he had taken his Bile over to Facebook  placing comments on his brother Alberts Facebook page, who seems to have now deleted his page! and also on the page of Royden James Jones, aka the OUTLAW 


This post has also been passed onto This Morning this is slander Mark Williams-Thomas, has not been banned from twitter, you are looking from a suspended account on accounts that have blocked you, this is what you will see go on now take a look at the accounts you say have been banned!







A memorable moment for this blog, as it is now able to report that the serial-abuser, and main subject of this blog, has been arrested and charged under Section 127 (1) of the Communications Act, 2003.
Mr Jones has already changed parts of his thinly-veiled front for a hate-blog, and has removed entire sections.
These changes happened straight after Jones’s blog was ‘apparently’ attacked via DDoS and taken down by nasty hackers.
This of course, is a pure stream of codswallop.
Apart from the fact that this lie was circulated very shortly after Jones was arrested, no one gives that much of a crap if the blog is taken down or not.
No, really.
As it stands, even with the recent ‘changes’, the Outlaw blog stands as a memorial to Jones’s single-minded and constant attacks on survivors, and other people involved in the debate surrounding child sexual abuse. If anyone were in any doubt as to the main thrust of his blog, or the raison d’être of Jones himself, they need only explore the comments of said blog.
The reader will fully realise the bias, as soon as they attempt to themselves make a fair comment; by all accounts, the comment will be changed, or otherwise have its original purpose perverted – that’s if the comment is allowed through, at all.
At the end of the day, Jones’s blog is a very dim cave, with festoons of character assassination the only things punctuating the feverish atmosphere there. It shows his real side, if the reader cares to delve just below the façade of psycho-babble and pseudo-science.
The blog, while it stands, will never do Jones any good, and will only ever be a millstone around his neck – a hatchet-job that he botched. It was meant to lend weight to his outlandish assertions, and to bully and abuse individuals – and now it is an embarrassment even to him.
In fact, any blog that attempts to maintain, or otherwise spread, any assertions made by the ‘outlaw’ blog as regards allegations made against imagined enemies, is also tarred with the same brush.

Which brings us to Sonia Poulton. It has long been known that she is an ardent supporter of Jones. This much is well-documented – in particular, from Sonia’s own mouth, as it were.
Strangely, Mz Poulton has disappeared from twitter.
A statement was left floating behind, to the effect that she is ‘doing vewy important fings’, and needs to spend time getting a ‘massive McCann story’ together for publication in the near future.
Indeed, we were left with the impression that this promised article was being edited together at the very moment Sonia was doing a very hasty bunk.
All bollocks.
Sonia is heavily involved with the antics of Jones, and she knows that if he gets pulled, she probably will do too.
She’s keeping her head down, simple as that.
End of.
Even more so, Sonia’s known and proven association with the editorial/control of the hate-blog called Troll Patrol has exposed her terribly to any police investigations as regards Jones, if truth be told.
It shows she has the capacity to deliberately target individuals for the purpose of direct abuse, often using information only circulated by Jones.

Nevertheless, Sonia has a another close associate called Mr Haydon. Mr Haydon has worked for Sonia, and has been ‘contributing’ to online debates ranging from CSA, to the Hillsborough Stadium disaster.
I say ‘contributing’, but I actually mean abusive stalking and trolling. It seems it’s all the same difference to Haydon.

For some 3 years, Haydon has ‘attached’ himself to the self-made uber-troll,Old Holborn.
Whether this is a in a parasitical capacity, or whether the association is ‘mutually beneficial’ remains to be seen, but it seems Haydon has benefitted greatly from this ‘latching-on’ – indeed, so has Old Holborn.

This is just ONE thread of stalking and abuse to be found among individuals associated with Jones, there are many many more individuals not named here.
As we can see, there is a lot at stake. A lot of threads.
There are a lot of variables, which can be thought of as dominoes ready to topple.
Any one of them, if felled, could pull down many others – maybe all of them will fall in a big whoosh, with one or two teetering on the brink for a while.

It is this blog’s opinion, that it is advisable to buy popcorn in bulk, and watch this diabolical string of abuses unfold over the next few months.
Dozens of people victimised by Jones, et al, will be doing precisely that.
It is hoped that the recent charging of Jones, will lead to a successful prosecution; it is further hoped, that others will step forward, and report to the authorities their own experiences at the hands of Jones.

My Troll Is Dead by The Needle

Darren Laverty’s blog can be found HERE

Watching this video I thought that I might be able to empathise with Darren given that this same person has spent the last 18 months attacking me but after all the shit and games there is one big layer of crap that Darren got which was never served to me and that is betrayal.  As a genuine former resident of  Bryn Estyn, Darren was betrayed by someone, who for whatever reason, pretended to have been a resident of Bryn Estyn. No one I’m aware of remembers him. Not one former resident. Think about that.

He has claimed to be a ‘witness’ for Operation Pallial, and I believe him on that but if he has told the police the same thing he told Channel 4 News then he has lied to them, if he has told the police the same as he has told Channel 4 News then he would be guilty of ‘Conspiracy to Pervert the Course of Justice’ . A very serious crime but in my view particularly abhorrent when it involves child abuse allegations.

What kind of man would stoop so low as to do that ?

It’s beyond imagining for most people.

Can I just say that if any survivors of child abuse are reading this then please do not make contact with ANYONE online. Just don’t do it. Contact a charity NAPAC or The Lantern Project, your local MP (if you trust them), a good lawyer, or the police. Don’t put your trust in anyone online, even if they claim to be a survivor themselves.

Here is Darren Laverty’s video. You should watch it.

  1. JS2

    As I have said before, and I will say it again, its time to join forces to fight the real OUTLAWS those that coverup sexual abuse of children, and get the Paedophiles out of Westminster.

  2. pongo

    you reap what you sow! Chin up Gojam!!

  3. Vic

    I would desperately like to believe that going to the police is safer than trusting someone online, but the devastating, crushing ordeal that Melanie Shaw and others have been put through would undermine my faith in this option.

  4. Bishop Brightly

    Unfortunately it became obvious early on that the person being talked about on the video was playing a game.

    But in the whirlwind, nobody was going to listen, so unfortunately this sad story had to run its course.

  5. timsanders2013

    May I suggest ” Its all over now,Baby blue” (Bob Dylan)
    for your Friday night song?

  6. GMB

    Advice – leave it to the professionals

  7. nice one man…excellent reblog
    That parasite Jones is well described as like a rust on the ‘net…though I reckon he’s better described as a semi-localised scabies infection. I note, while thinking about scabies, that you mentioned that Jones tried to arrange a meet with Poulton from the outset – my thoughts on that in a sec.
    He is a real issue though for many of his many many many victims…I have personally watched him and his team of (often brainless (no offense)(smiley face)) followers attack people until they get shouted down, or just leave the ‘net for good. I have watched that complete w@nker, Jones, groom people and insinuate his shitty little way into a thousand lives…and then I have watched him wind them up and have then had to watch, often helplessly, as they either get used as tools, as they get sucked in and fire off at Jones’ imagined ‘enemies’, or as they get themselves added to the list of ‘enemies’ when they refuse to play along with his sickoid games.
    I note, alarmingly, that he has done much to destroy efforts to coherently protest about CSA (Child Sexual Abuse) – on the interwebs – his methods are very well documented; the whisper campaigns spread via DM, the way a lie about an individual is batted around him and his (usually self-created) buddies until the lie is considered truth by casual onlookers…crikey, it goes on and on, the list of methods used by Jones to try and crack people….you have no idea of the number of disgusting blogs that this looney has set up – I know, because I have personally helped to shut a number of them down.
    I called this Jones character out as a damaging thug a couple of years ago, and it got me labelled as a nut at the time…when I got around to calling him a fed-paid paedoprotecting NARK not long after, I got into trouble with people calling me a sh!t-stirrer and all-sorts. Well done for Spivey for calling him out as a nark as well, EVENTUALLY (more about him in a sec)
    Anyways…I watched as Jones and his freakazoid team surrounded people…Poulton (more about her in a sec), spivey, Icke, Gojam, Pride , and many others – I watched them variously either get sucked in, used as tools, or mercilessly attacked. Pride got trolled for months – Poulton is and always will be a tool (more about her in a sec) – Icke got his TPV dream ultimately blown out of the water by ‘TeamOutlaw’ – You, Gojam, a prominent anti-csa blogger of great merit and integrity…you battled these b@stards and helped expose them in the first place, and boy have they let you know it since – but Spivey…he put the icing on the cake. When Jones bagged Spivey, he must have been dancing around for weeks like a bent-up and twisted little rumplestiltskin. When Spivey started to employ chimps, Jones got a protector, and got some real kudos with his own acolytes and followers. Jones leeched off Spiv for far too long – long after Jones himself was exposed (with proof) as a nasty git.
    Ten out of ten for being an aggravating b@stard to the worst elements of the powers that be, Spivey, but minus several fu@king MILLION for observation of crap under your own bleedin’ nose.
    But Darren is at least partly wrong. Jones is not a harmless nut. The level of organisation he has exhibited goes too far for a lone nutter with a grudge. I don’t know what the hell anyone, claiming to be even vaguely human, would have to do with systematically trying to destroy the efforts of good people to protest about high-level-coverup CSA, but I know it takes coin to make people do stuff like that…coin or blackmail. Jones himself is a twisted little pull-through of average intelligence; but it is always forgot that Jones is just a scab of a figurehead on a very effective team – this team has successfully taken down key people time and again, while managing to make everyone think it was just a spat between campaigners (as for the label of ‘campaigner’ being applied to Jones…pfft, what nonsense…what has that eejit ever campaigned about, except bollocks like Rhesus blood and other complete BS?). He sucked everyone in, and it wasn’t down to his scintillating personality…he was created. He is nothing more than a mediocre writer who is bigged-up by morons and his own ‘team’. As you yourself said, his blog is full of plagiarism…no substance…in short, crappy – so why the appeal? Yet, his team are permanently running interference for him – using straw-man arguments to put off questioning, permanently lifting his balls with compliments, and resorting to outright trolling of ANYONE who deeply questions him or his motives.
    I can’t let this go without mentioning Jan…that woman is a cantankerous battle-axe for sure, but she has a heart of real gold.
    Her only aim and real pleasure is her family, and her want to help others, and that Jones person and his ‘team’ made her life an absolute hell – for that alone, Jones should be vilified – but right now, I hope that Jones is cowering under his table watching the tsunami of crap that is going to hit him, wherever it is coming from.
    As for Poulton…she knows Jones is a sham, and/or she is completely effing stupid. Either way, she is just a very blunt tool with a great moustache – I personally rank the failed-MI5 disinfo-peddlar, Daily Fail hack David Rose as a very poor writer, but you just gotta put SP several ranks below even him….and several ranks below her, is Jones.
    People like him don’t wither and die when you don’t feed them, they just try harder. People like him need to be dyed and put on a slide, like the damaging microbes they are.

    • Hi Adey, Good to hear from you.

      I said above that their behaviour was ‘beyond imagining for most people’ I think that is part of the reason why they have been so ‘successful’ in what they’ve been doing. It’s only those that have been attacked by them that can truly understand the wicked, depraved, dishonest and odious lengths that they are capable of going to.

      I personally do not think that Jones is still writing his blog. You’re correct that he is of mediocre intelligence. A person who padded out his own inane and badly written musing with material he’s stolen from the net without attributing it, claiming it was his own. Since his arrest last November the writing style on the blog is marginally but distinctly better written.

      I to was surprised to hear that Sonia Poulton was involved with Jones as early as November 2012, just as North Wales child abuse came into the news following the Savile expose.

      I know that there are genuine people that have just been sucked down Jones’ rabbit hole. I don’t want to knock anyone who realises that they’re being used because most of his victims are people that have been used. I once thought Mooch and Darren were part of whatever depraved plan was afoot but I realised I was wrong, they were victims too.

      Incidentally, ‘Jones’ has always replied to Grouchy Marxist/Martyr Pope one of the ‘Inner Core’, he alway starts his reply “Aye” in agreement. He’s always done that. You can track all that person’s new identities by watching how Jones replies to them.

      Right now it looks like he is ‘ Old Git’

      “Aye ?”

      Take care Adey and thanks for replying.

      • Baz

        “I too was surprised to hear that Poulton was involved with Jones as early as November 2012″……” he is of mediocre intelligence”….
        Outlaw blog.. TeamOutlaw >> POULTON… pulling the strings….for who ???

    • JS2

      Great to see you here Adey, still waiting that email you promised a couple of weeks back! anyway you know the whole story now, and its also great to see others on twitter who used to be firm Jones followers, now have woken up, as I have said to Spivey, Darren, and now will say to you and Gojam, its time to stop all this infighting, and start fighting together, only then will we be heard by those who are trying their best to stop ALL the inquires of sexual abuse of children! Whistleblowers are being locked up on trumped up charges, ie. Melanie Shaw, & lynne portues , they need ALL our help!
      I have an ITV journalist flying out here next week to see what we have done to help this victims of sexual abuse, the buddy teams that have been set up etc. This is what needs to be done in the UK, Paedophilia isnt going away, that is why we have to talk about it, in schools, clubs, hospitals, anywhere where children are! making the people aware of who could be targeted, Education is the only way to beat this. I want to see longer jail terms given to these monsters that rape innocent children, one that fits the crime! I leave this in your hands to think about, the first thing I want to see is a willingness to work together. xxx Proud of you guys, I really am

      • No worries, bab…I am actually going to look at my mails today. I had a peek at twitter, and replied to a couple enquiries.
        (I’ll be up and running soon…and will send you a mail as soon as I find my damn passwords.)
        This whole process of identifying and then exposing the Jones entity as the inhuman heartless creature he/she/they is/are has been something that should have taken weeks, NOT years. The damage wrought has been tremendous, and has done NOTHING but set back serious efforts by thousands of good people to END the (institutionalised) sex abuse of kids.
        He HAD to be exposed for the divisive troll he was, and we HAD to go through the agonising process of learning how to find decent ways to find people we could trust. In other words, in the efforts of the Jones entity to destroy relationships and people’s faith in each other, the opposite has happened – people have evolved to find better mechanisms in order to find trust once again; they have fine-tuned methods of actually seeing serious trolling for the damaging act that it is.
        In the background, good people like you have been ignoring the pain of the abuses levelled against you by the Jones entity – have brushed aside the agonies, and have persevered to keep fighting to end abuses to kids. Despite and BECAUSE of the heinous work of inhumans like the Jones, the fight is more focused than ever. Humans are wonderful creatures, with the counter-intuitive power to actually adapt and thrive under duress…and that’s what happened in response to the Jones Incident – people overcame it.
        If it wasn’t for perpetuations of inhuman acts by the Jones and his ilk, we’d still be stuck in the stone age.
        So Jones, I KNOW you’re reading this from your lair, thank you.
        Without your crap, the efforts to expose the coverups of VIP abuses to kids would still probably be just a few angry words among a discordant crowd on twitter.
        Nevertheless, the way now is clear…it is time to take up metaphorical arms against the vile concept that kids can be abused, and against the people that think they can buy their way out of being vilified and prosecuted for it.
        ANYONE that want to try stop us ending CSA WILL be identified, and WILL be stopped.
        There is nothing stopping us now…no excuses and no BS.

        Let’s do it. Let’s end CSA and change the whole flippin’ world.

      • Adey, They/he are sick. At the very least, the VERY least they are misanthropic psychopaths.

        But at worst, they are scum. The scum of civilisation, of society, of decency. Utter scum.

        Utter scum. In Laverty’s words, “The lowest of the low”,

        There is nothing lower than a person who’ll put personal profit against justice for the survivors of historical child abuse.

        That anyone would, is repellent to me. Utterly disgusting, beyond words.

        Beyond belief for a ‘normal’ person.

  8. was it ever a doubt that social evolution and the spirit of altruism couldn’t overcome a pus-filled pimple on the ass of the interwebs?
    We’ve had 2 million years of taking more crap from much more bloody-minded gits, to be overly bothered by a sickened gnat.
    #NoWayPedro 😉

  9. JS2

    My (OUR) troll is dead and let this be the end of it xx we have work to do folks, Melanie maybe free, but so many others are not.

  10. Ali

    Thank you for writing this blog.

    Jones is the nastiest, sleaziest twat I have ever had to deal with on twitter. Darren, Adey, Jan & others have had too many false accusations made against them by him & his many chimp accounts.He tried to destroy families that were too strong for him and stooped as low as any sly snake could. He has jumped on every bandwagon going & you would need a tweezers to get him out of the coppers arses.

    Shame on SP, she has lost the little bit of credibility she had left. But even when she knew Jones was wrong, she continued to back him. For that alone, she should be truly ashamed of herself. I wonder is she still “friendly” with Anonymous.

    Jones infiltration of Chris Spivey & his blog, was calculated & too well planned for a chimp. My heart goes out to Chris, Stacey & Clayton.The desperate bastards that get paid to protect the public will have to face themselves in the mirror everyday. The situation his family is in now is appalling. A national disgrace that is happening to many other parents & Grandparents right now.

    Karma is a bitch, Mr Outlaw.

    • I’m 45 years old and I’ve traveled around the world and I’ve met 10s of thousands of people. But Jones is by far the sickest and more misanthropic person I ‘ve ever had the misfortune to come into contact with

      • Ali

        Thanks. I have never commented on a blog before, but this so called “Outlaw” is pure scum of the earth. Everyone involved with him needs their heads examined. He underestimated many people, as coppers narks tend to do. Get the tweezers out.
        His day will come.
        Very soon I hope.

  11. Gojam, I would like to apologise for showing a personal email from you to Jones, I should never of done it and I’m truly sorry. Mooch

    • And I would like to apologise to you for getting upset when we emailed each other. I realise it was completely undeserved.

      I hope you and I can wipe the board and start again.

  12. I wish I could have done something to spare you all the Outlaw-inflicted pains that you have suffered. Regretably, this is something that sincere CSA campaigners sometimes have to experience before they will even entertain the idea that there can be frauds and liars in their midst apparently working toward the same goals. But I tell you now, THIS HAS ALL HAPPENED BEFORE! I lived what you are all living now, during the 1980”s & 1990’s, with the fraudulent Satanic Ritual Abuse “survivors”, the fraudulent SRA “experts”, “investigators”, “therapists”, “journalists”, etc. There have been dozens of these, if not hundreds, and many are still active & still poisoning the whole field of CSA. Some have become very respectable persons in their fields and have great influence now. Nevertheless, they remain liars and frauds and work tirelessly to slander and discredit those who know the truth about them.

    Sometimes, CSA frauds start out as people who sincerely believe that some CSA tragedy has occurred, for which there is no evidence, or for which there APPEARS to be evidence of a coverup. They may become desperate to prove the reality of what they believe has happened to some child or children, and attempt to overcome/defeat the unseen forces they believe to be “covering up”. In their desperation, they attempt to FAKE EVIDENCE that would prove the reality of what they believe to be true, and often that means turning THEMSELVES into a fake spokesperson for the children they believe have been harmed, by fraudulently claiming to have been a victim of what they believe has taken place. The situation in the UK is RIPE for this scenario to take place, over and over. You must all be very cautious. Guard your natural inclination to grant unconditional belief to any & all CSA claimants, your good hearts are what frauds & liars are counting on.

    • Thank you for your comment Justin.

      In my view false allegations do nothing but undermine the genuine struggle for justice of those that have been let down. You’ll know I’m sure that I’ve taken a great deal of stick for refusing to give credence to some false allegations. I’d rather be right and vilified by an army of trolls than perpetuate lies and receive in return their online plaudits. I don’t ask people to like me, very few have met me. I don’t ask them to believe me, everyone should balance all the evidence that they have access to but I do ask that people listen to me, even if it is to find what I have to say wanting or unconvincing. I obviously don’t believe it is or I wouldn’t continue but I accept that my extremely objective approach to this topic often leaves me between two stools, between the fanatics too eager for a big story at all costs, regardless of evidence, and those that work to ensure that this entire subject never sees the light of day.

      Take care.

      • JS2

        Amen to that Gojam x

      • Yes, Gojam. And I told you that your objectivity would bring you the respect and support of serious researchers and campaigners. I’m doing my best to provide some of that support and will continue to do so. You do have my respect, sir, as does Darren Laverty.

  13. pongo

    You are only human Gojam – it has been a steep learning curve for you, I have faith that you will press on for justice for victims.

Winds of change ….. by mooch

I’m not going to explain myself against the lies told about me and my family  I don’t need to, I know the truth.

I’m not going to explain my parenting or apologize for being able to communicate well with children.  It’s inbuilt, it’s who I am, it’s my job.

Any part of my life that has been sullied and dirtied online by others is not my issue, it is theirs.

There are a few things I’ve done that I wish I hadn’t.  None of which were done with any intent to cause hurt to others and for any of those, I apologize.  Everyone is fighting their own battle after all, I hope I haven’t added burden to any of yours.

Exactly 2 years ago … there were 4 of us chatting regularly, Lav, Jones, Kate and Me.

I have nothing to say about Jones, I think it has all been said before.  For me, it is gone, buried, over.

I always thought Lav was a bit of a dick in the beginning, took a while to see the man beneath the manner.  It’s fair to say I only stopped thinking he was a dick about a year ago.  Three things have made me warm to him, his adoration of his family, the fact that he has kept any personal details about me to himself and lastly, that he is just himself and if you don’t like it, he genuinely couldn’t give a fuck!

I would go through all the crap again to have found a friend like Kate, I am blessed to have found her and to have kept her in my life, she is warm, thoughtful, kind, funny and genuine and I hope I know her forever.  Kate has followed this sorry tale from start to end and as no longer on social networking sites, I offered to let her have her say here …

Blessed Be x


This little fella is an innocent child.

We all started like him and most of us have them now.
Decisions made by parents affect us all.
Mainly among the group…death(which is not a decision),alcohol,bad parenting…leading to abusive childhoods and even ending up in care.

So when as parents now,after a shit childhood you strive to do the oppisite and be the best…where are we at?

Know nothing of Chris Spiveys past but have seen proof of his parenting.His protection of his grandchild.Fighting the exact corrupt services like the Police and Social Services .
He has an online issue with someone who previously had befriended and bang.
A blog full of comments geared towards his kids,parenting and vile derision of him asking for the public to come together and safeguard his daughter and grandson.
Massive respect from me.The man is using his online presence to walk the talk.

Madamemooch, slagged off for letting her daughter skype in the bath. A passing tweet made sinister.Comments made On a blog of someone she befriended.Met,supported.
Imagine being a teen and having a best friend,a friend you shared everything with.Thoughts,pain,laughter,you get the drift.Imagine growing up in no danger,no harm and being confortable with your body.
No shame……
Im over the moon that this young woman is free to chat wherever she wants with her friend…bath or not.Amazing daughter of an amazing and balanced woman with great tits!!!
So Jennie,whilst I am aware of your past,its pretty low to project your triggers or disgust onto someone else.
That was your best shot against madamemooch?
Still bringing it up on blog comments,yet justifying your actions by saying its your time of the month?
Fuck off.
Darren Laverty,another parent.
Now may I make it clear I do not know him personally.Never spoken to him.
Tweets and email only.
Darren shows what he needs and wants to.
I understand that.
Said from day one he could be brutal,bit of a cunt to be honest, but learned behind the man there was a family.Days out,time spent together, all proof shown.
So his online presence is down to him.Thats not my concern.
His kids however,and wife have been attacked.Comments on a blog.A blog of someone he befriended.
Anyone see the pattern here?
Another wife and children dragged in by others to get at him.He has every right to defend them.Id have put you in a shallow grave if it was my family.
Police involved.
One thing I will say is he has had my details and name.
Has it ever been outed on the web?
I will meet him soon and trust my instinct on what or who he really is

Can I say the same about the comments on the same blog that I have previously mentioned?
Called a compo chaser yet had not discussed my personal circumstances with Jane.??

The blog owner that moderates comments.
Allows this to continue.
Jane fucking Russell who has a hand up his arse spewing her bile about anyone she can.
And he allows it.
So heres another 3 kids being attacked…jj words.
Threat of fire,name calling at school.
No proof posted.JJ,s word only.
Which can I make clear Im not saying is a lie.But if we have to believe your word with no proof why is it ok for others to comment on your blog about”no proof”?
A distressed wife and may I say,a great Mother. Kids upset while daddy in the nick or the hospital.
Listening to conversations.
A wife who has been dragged into this and made a choice to stay involved.
As one mother to another Helen,I hope you hear me.
I hope you realise that this has all came to your door because of blogs and twitter.
Something that can be closed in a second.
It has came to your door because your husband chooses to let the fire be poked and stoked by his “friend” jane.
I walked away from my friendship with jj and helen for my reasons and I will make it clear I want no harm to come to any of them.
But as they know,and have spoken to me i call a spade a spade and if your being a fud I will call you on it.
Thats my strength.It drives me to keep shit from my door or my children.
Press the button and enjoy your family.
Lastly, Jane Russell.(she does exist)
You have no kids.
So why the fuck under a guise of a friend thats so concerned about jj and his family do you continue to spew venom from your mouth about everyone else? Bringing shit to the door and watching jj’s wife be accused of saying the words from your mouth.
You are a cunt.
Nothing more to say.
Fuck off

You all have my number,email..if you have issue with my honesty.
Could have said so much more..included others but my time is precious…for that angel at the top of the page.

I wont be reading fuck all again.
Hope you all do the same.

One massive positive to come from all this is a lifetime friendship with a beautiful soul
Love you Mooch

Scary**** updated

+UPDATED+ Scary ****

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I received an e-mail recently and some sound advice> “I managed to get a lot of screen shots before they took that account down, have saved them all for you here (address hidden) We think this account was made by @unrequitedlove whoever that might be as it tweets a pic she tweeted a couple of days ago”
The account holder asked not to be named for obvious reasons. In addition to the above I have been contacted by others who informed myself of other accunts on Twitter which are attempting to impersonate me. Should I be flattered? I think not. I’ve viewed the @munkeekiller account and to be quite blunt, its a shit attempt at being me and ANYONE who considers it is me should start to search their souls. Its reasons for trying to impersonate me are known to the accunt holder alone. I think its a sad reflection on all the hard work and research I put into exposing Royden James Jones in this entry Here . I’m of the mind that RJJ may be the accunt creator, but I have no evidence of such at this stage. I’ve evidenced previously that he has a myriad of twitter accunts. Others have also shared his multiple accunts  1 2 3 . It would seem to be the case that I’ve been his target since I withdrew the @angleseydrift account after exposing him as a child abuse magnet who lied in order to gain some sort of credibility on the Internet. He has allied accounts on twitter that perpetuate his lies and fabrications on an hourly basis. Or so it would seem. I really have lost the will to unearth the details of these accunts. Don’t mis-judge me, I could spend my precious time data mining but feel my time is better spent away from such evil goings on. I have a life offline and intend to continue with it. So where from here? Who knows? Who cares? Not anyone reading this that’s for sure.

I’m going to finish this entry with a list of just some of the accunts of whom I consider to be in the so-called #teamoutlaw. The term #teamoutlaw was first used by a woman called Sonia Poulton who is a mainstream journalist (with close connections to David Icke) and then taken up by her critics who challenged her assumptions of being part of a good bunch of campaigners with Royden Jones at the helm of their sinking ship. Lets not forget (because you won’t be allowed to as long as RJJ is allowed access to the Internet) I was involved at the time and now have to bare the burden.(if you haven’t yet received an apology consider this it……Sorry) Fortunately, I was thrown a life jacket and have been treading water ever since. I can see the shoreline and I’m heading straight for it.

If you’re on it and shouldn’t be. Just let me know.

@MM (edited)


Royden Jones

I live in Rhondda, South Wales My main interest is of course genealogy, I have been researching my Family Tree for over a decade now, & like many others have discovered the benefits of the WWW.I also enjoy history in general (the Industrial Revolution is a particular favourite) & restoring my 1966 Classic Morris Minor & 1960’s Honda Motorcycle. I am married to Katie & have two young children under the age of 3, Morgan & Liberty.I am researching the following names:- GILBERT (Crowan 1842 & Before) ROSEWALL (St Agnes 1841 & before), TIPPETT (St Agnes abt 1841) & REYNOLDS (Crowan? 1804 & Before).
Families researched: GILBERT in Crowan
ROSEWALL in St. Agnes
TIPPETT in St. Agnes
REYNOLDS in Crowan

I have been researching my Family Tree, along with my father for the past ten years. Many of our family emigrated to the USA in the latter part of the last Century, and their decendents are still there no doubt. Please feel free to look over my page, and mail me with any comments, information etc.Many Thanks.Royden J. Jones
The Jones, Lee & Gilbert Families of South Wales, UK
Updated June 24, 2001
Royden James Jones

Other people who lived at the same property in different years

renegade1904 slime trails

For those who can remember @theoutlawjimmy used to call his blog ” Renegades Blog”  but got a bit worried when he started to write hate blogs, afraid someone would find more about him.  This is how he finds information out about his victims, he doesn’t even bother to check if what he finds is true or not, or even if the information is about the person he is attacking.

Hes locked his account, and is deleting tweets and blogs, all a waste of time. This morning he is reporting that his fathers memorial was damaged yesterday evening, and has also taken the memorial page down about his father.

for someone that is practically blind, and doesnt drive hes on various forums as the proud owner of a Variant car.

used to have a blogger account

so many with this message


Sorry, This video has been deleted because of copyright so not just on his blog eh

theres enough out there, will take him ages to delete all these accounts, and they will stay in google cache for years to come just google renegade 1904

He has a sick interest in chain saws, which once upon a time he said they were hedge trimmers.

@theoutlawjimmy of Ynyshir whose family are ashamed of him

This information comes from here so outlaw, not illegal, as you say ‘if it’s out there, use it’ 


Old Photos of Ynyshir (Page 4) in the Rhondda Valleys, Glamorgan / Sir Morgannwg, South Wales, United Kingdom of Great Britain.

Old Photos of Ynyshir in the Rhondda Valleys in Glamorgan, South Wales.

Glamorgan, Rhondda, Ynyshir Wedding at St Annes Church

Glamorgan, Rhondda, Ynyshir Wedding at St Annes Church

The pictorial memories on this page were kindly shared with us from the collection of Mr. Royden J. Jones, who was born in the front room of No.11, Heath Terrace, Ynyshir in January 1963.

Roy’s father – Malcolm Jones – was born in the cellar of No.1 Standard Terrace, before moving with the family to 51, Heath Terrace. Malcolm was one of 13 children.
Malcolm’s father – James Rees Jones – was the Lampman at Wattstown Colliery where all the sons of the family worked. They had all attended the Infants School on Graig Road, and later the Junior School on Ynyshir Road as did Roy.

Roy’s Great Grandfather – also James Rees Jones, (Born in Neuaddlwyd, Cardiganshire) ran an undertaking business at ‘Rhondda House’ Now 110 Ynyshir Road, and he was responsible for the burials of the victims of the Wattstown Colliery disaster of 1905 (See photo in right hand column). James Rees and his family were in Scranton, Pennsylvania in the USA during the American Civil War, returning to Ynyshir in 1866.

Most of that generation are buried at Llethr Ddu Cemetery in Trealaw. Roy’s mothers uncle – Giovanni (John) Assirati ran the Italian Chip Shop in Ynyshir. Roy’s parents met in Assirati’s chip shop, and they were later married at Pontypridd in 1955. Roy now lives in Croeslan, Llandysul, Ceredigion (Cardiganshire).



Jones Girls

Ynyshir, Heath Terrace, the Jones Girls

Ynyshir, Marion & Valmai Jones

Ynyshir, Marion & Valmai Jones

Heath Terrace, up the allotments

Heath Terrace, up the allotments

Ynyshir, Sue & Linda Jones 1965

Ynyshir, Sue and Linda Jones 1965

Wattstown Mining Disaster Funeral 1905

Wattstown Coal Mining Disaster Funeral cortege in 1905 – heading for Llethr Ddu Cemetery, Trealaw

Glamorgan, Ynyshir, Standard Colliery Workmen in 1878

Glamorgan, Ynyshir, Standard Colliery Workmen in 1878

Rhondda, Cash and Company Shoe Shop

Rhondda, Cash and Company Shoe Shop

Rhondda Valley, Ynyshir, 77, Ynyshir Road, Preece and James Family

Rhondda Valley, Ynyshir, 77, Ynyshir Road, Preece and James Family

L to R Eirwen James (later Darby), her mother Ethel James nee Preece, Selwyn James, Rhoda Preece and daughter Linda (later married Graham Williams) and standing in rear is grandmother Annie Preece. Rhoda and Linda Preece lived in Wattstown, the rest of the above family lived in Ynyshir. – image courtesy of Mr. Graham Williams



MAY 8, 2013

Trolling Tom Pride


I came across an interesting Twitter-storm this morning. One that has been going on for the last couple of days and is still ongoing at the time of writing. It appears that a well known Daily Mail and Express journalist made a couple of statements on Twitter on 6th May regarding her ability to obtain the personal contact information of other Twitter users

Those tweets are here:

And a few tweets later:

Clearly, it is of interest when an established journalist and broadcaster claims publicly, so soon after the telephone hacking scandal and Leveson, to have “contacts” who are prepared to trace and provide personal identifying information (which they believe to be held privately by Twitter) on other Twitter users, including telephone numbers and presumably names and addresses. Further, it seems clear from the tweets above, that this has occurred and the information has been both provided and then utilised by the journalist in question

Is the journalist exaggerating? Did she really use “contacts” to trace other Twitter users so that she might ‘have at them’?

I am sure we have all over-egged the pudding on occasion but, if this was the case here shouldn’t the journalist have just admitted it? Would it really have been a big deal?

It seems from the journalist’s tweets, prior and subsequent to those pictured above, that she had taken issue with the people she has obtained the personal information on, describing them as “trolls”. She also goes on to provide in a separate tweet the full name of at least one person and adding, in most likely unintentional Yoda-speak: “Not a spine to her. Scared of me. Hiding after that last call

I have to be clear, I do not know whether the journalist is making it all up or has actually obtained personal information on other tweeps, whether legitimately or otherwise. However, her public claim that she has obtained what is privately-held information and the rather aggressive tone in some of her tweets does I think merit some further consideration

One tweep said the journalist must have obtained the information from Twitter itself, however this seems highly dubious given that Twitter will not release any such information unless you have jumped through a considerable number of legal loopholes and nor has the journalist herself confirmed that this is how she came across the information

My other interest in all of this is the way that other Twitter users are involving themselves. Most importantly, the role of a core group acting in support of the journalist by muddying the discussion; continuing – now into its third day – making ad hom attacks on the blogger who first contacted the journalist and seeking to head off any proper exploration of the central issue (the journalist’s tweets) by any casual Twitter users that happen to come across the exchanges

As far as I am aware, there has still been no satisfactory explanation from the journalist as to why she made the comments in the first place. Not that she need explain on Twitter, of course. But it might have prevented the level of fallout

This is all happening right now. If you are interested then I would encourage you to read the original blog post by Thomas Pride and then work your way through his Twitter timeline, beginning with his tweet in which he initially raises the question with the journalist. You will quickly identify the core actors. What is noticeable as you read through the conversations is the way in which the blogger is accused of “spin and distraction” of “being sneaky“, and far far worse. All entirely unsubstantiated of course, but thrown in nevertheless. There are also some very good examples of concern trolling going on that are worth noting for future reference

Just having had a look now at the grief he is still getting, it appears that blogger Tom has certainly struck a nerve. What isn’t clear, is precisely whose nerve he has struck…

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  1. MAY 9, 2013 – 5:36 AMadeybob

    My name is adeybob / monadTime. My phone was called by Sonia, and she threatened me, then went a bit ranty. My phone number is not even in my name, and has never been publicly available. But this blog appeared after:
    A less kind man would suggest that Sonia wrote it because her @rse was flapping, and a mate let her use it. Some mate.
    When she called me first time,she forgot to withhold her number,the idiot, and she had to call back, so I’m pretty sure the Muppet has left her IP address on the blog.
    Saying “Does anyone know where it lives so I can physically attack it” would get ME ARRESTED…yet this is the kind of comment I get from Sonia’s New Twitter buddies all the time…along with my address and my facepic.
    And why did Sonia abuse her position of power to scream down the phone at me? All because I tried to warn her that her new buddies were going to make her look like a complete tool.

    • MAY 11, 2013 – 9:52 PMOutlaw

      Is this the same face pic that you posted on ypur own Facebook page Adey? I know you are a stranger to the truth so it is impossible to believe anything that comes out of your mouth can be taken seriously. You are accusing people of being MI5 troll teams and David Rose for God’s sake. :-) It is getting far too easy to track you down Adey as all one has to do is look at a blog or Forum where you find Janette Scharenborg either liking or commenting. Adeybob is always to be found trotting along dutifully behind doing her bidding… You and your friends are becoming a rather tired and totally sick joke now Adey, it is about time you found yourself some gainful employment :-(

  2. MAY 9, 2013 – 6:49 AMMFOGlasgow

    Pity you never looked at the timeline and the Pride story and realised the Tweets were manipulated . Anyway.Before you keep rambling and supporting Thomas Pride who was offered the truth but refused to reply to me, please read the truth if you dare. nancyheart26.wordpress
    Mr Pride omitted that referral from his story

  3. MAY 9, 2013 – 8:36 AMPaul (@LazySavant)

    You may not be looking hard enough for the spin. Mr. Pride has done this before, and is doing it again.

    Please do not align me with either camp. Though I agree with one side on this occasion, I have my issues with the other too. It’s easiest to say that I think a lot of these people involved just have nothing better to do than act out a drama on twitter, and in their blogs.

    To the point though: there is definitely spin going on. Being sneaky, maybe not. I see Tom’s methods as too transparent to call them “sneaky”. That’s not to say the other lot aren’t full of their own underhanded methods too.

    Ultimately, the truth of this whole thing is that it isn’t worth all the fuss. It would have been useful if Sonia had just given some answer, but it’s her right not to. In fact, Tom has refused to give info on how he has acquired information in the past, citing exactly the same reasoning as Sonia did.

    I can, however, see your point about it being interesting with regards to phone hacking etc. (especially to Joe Public who has no idea about the technology/simplicity involved behind either case) – BUT – Tom knows that too; that’s why he’s taken advantage of it and spun a story.

  4. MAY 9, 2013 – 11:03 AMAll Roads to Hades are Equal

    Sonia Poulton – that lovely woman who is defending the suspects in the murder trial of a teen boy. Danny O Shea was set upon by 10 adults with bats and knives (one of the attackers helped Blair with his anti knife campaign), but Sonia is certain that her friend who is accused of being one of this group, is a nice man who wouldn’t do that sort of thing.

  5. MAY 11, 2013 – 9:39 PMOutlaw

    I am afraid that I have to disagree with the part of this that states that Twitter does not release personal details. If somebody lodges a complaint to Twitter they have to complete an online which includes their personal details Name , Address, Telephone number etc. There is a disclaimer included that the person that has been complained about will be sent the details, and you have to agree or disagree to this before the complaint is registered. This particular complaint was a matter of somebody posting ‘Intellectual property’, namely a photograph which was taken from a Facebook page in the public domain. I was also contacted by Twitter as I had retweeted the said image and also have a copy of the E-Mail from Twitter which indeed does include the details that Tom Pride is blowing a gasket over. The details of this person, who incidentally has been abusing and harassing victims of childhood sexual abuse for months, so as a courtesy I shared his details in order that he could be approached in order to make him stop his campaign. If you want a copy of the e-mail you can contact me. So no hacking, no nefarious Internet snooping was involved in obtaining this number… Just Tom Pride creating controversy over what is after all a very simple matter….. Again.


    Great blog, and now, to bring you bang up to date, you really must read the comments towards the botttom in the past few days here

    It is now time for the dutch and UK police to arrest, question and criminally prosecute the vile turtle neck twitter supertroll Sonia Poulton.